The Porzingis Problem

As we all know, Latvian basketball sensation Kristaps Porzingis has really “popped off” over the course of the last few days. At 7’1″ and with a silky shooting stroke, Porzingis epitomizes the modern day NBA big man. But Porzingis’ game is not limited to just facing up, as he has shown proficiency in back-to-basket situations and off the dribble. Couple these gifts with his ability to run the floor, and Porzingis may just have one of the highest upsides in the draft. But before you go expecting this guy to become a more athletic version of Dirk, you first have to note some of his issues. Porzingis is only 230 pounds, and due to his lack of lower body strength, this could definitely pose a problem for him in the Association. Once Porzingis “cultivates some mass” as Mac would say, (for all you Sunny in Philly Fans), he will no doubt enhance his game to new heights. Another concern for Porzingis will be his rebounding ability, as he only pulled in a lackluster four per game with his team, Cajasol Seville this year. After some strength training and a bit of added bulk, Porzingis will correct all of these issues and get one step closer to reaching his impressive ceiling. With time, work, and continued focus on his part, I have no doubt Porzingis will eventually become a star in this league. Kristaps


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