Boogie Nights

Demarcus Cousins, tenderly known as Boogie, is no doubt one of the leagues most versatile big men averaging 24 points 12.5 boards and three and a half assists. He has the size to bang down low and defend the paint, but also the skill and footwork to step outside and take a 20 footer or run the fast break. Statistically, Boogie is a monster packed to the gills with skill and ability. Unfortunately, if you follow any NBA news, you also know just how much of a hot-head Cousins can be. And when Boogie gets hot, his play becomes bothered. Greg Wissinger of the Sactown Royalty Kings’ community said it best,”…when Cousins gets angry…It throws off his game. He loses control.”And much like in life, it is not wise for one to lose control on the hardwood either. Couple Cousins behavior with a poor relationship with head coach George Karl, and changes are bound to ensue.

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