Free Agency Winners and Losers: Eastern Conference

Celtics: Boston signed Amir Johnson for a two year 24 million dollar contract. Now this signing did make sense when looking at the skills Johnson brings to the up and coming team. He will be a veteran presence alongside center Brandon Bass, and the respected Gerald Wallace. This also allows the Celts’ flexibility to trade away one of their other forwards for a much needed center or skilled shooting guard. I give Boston the Sidthatkid stamp of approval for this signing.

Bulls: Chicago was very smart on the first day of free agency. The Windy City first held onto Mike Dunleavy Jr. for a three year 14.4 million dollar contract. This not only keeps a valuable vet on the squad, but also a player that can get out there and really spread the floor effectively. The other move the Bulls made was holding onto Jimmy “Buckets” with a five year 90 + million dollar deal. This decision was made later in the day but will most likely prove to be a stroke of genius as Butler is not only a rising star in the league, but someone dependable the Chicago fan base can depend on. The Bulls definitely get a win for this free agency, so far.

Cavaliers: The Cav’s and LeBron most definitely played this free agency well. The “land” was not only able to re-sign defensive shooting guard Iman Shumpert for a four year 40 million dollar deal, but also the highly coveted Kevin Love. The Shumpert signing was a smart move as he is a player who can come into a game and instantly swing the momentum in your teams favor. And though it has not gotten much play, it will pay off in the long run. Now Love’s signing, five year 110 million dollar deal, may have taken a few by surprise. And to those of you who were shocked, never underestimate LeBron. James was integral in convincing K-Love to come back to Cleveland, but when they’re back in the finals within two years, he’ll be questioning why he ever thought to leave. The land of champagne red and gold catch the win.

Nets: We know that Brooklyn was successful in re-signing both Brook Lopez, three years 60 million, and Thad Young, four years 50 million. Both of these signings make sense as both of these players are yet to enter their primes and have shown flashes of great ability over the past few months with the Nets. With a few more pieces and more focused Deron Williams, the Nets may once again be a problem for the east. I’ll give Brooklyn the win for these moves.

Bucks: Milwaukee really “owned the future” with this calculated move of re-signing skilled wing Khris Middleton to a five year 70 million dollar deal. Middleton was and is the best outside scorer the Bucks have, and to lose him would have devastated the young team on the rise. With his uncanny ability to not only space the floor on offense, but also lockdown three positions on D makes Middleton a rare commodity in this league Waukee was smart not to let slip away. The Bucks snag this win easily.

Raptors: The Raptors were wise to grab the “Junkyard Dog” in this signing. DeMarre Carroll takes a four year 60 million dollar deal to join a playoff contending team and provide some much needed help at the wing position. With his tenacity on defense and ability to go off on random nights, Carroll may just turn this team into a real monster. Good move and better win for Toronto.

Hawks: ATL may have re-signed an all star in Millsap, three year 58 million dollar contract, but should they have? Millsap is 30, and has most likely seen his best basketball, and this is not to say he will not still be a productive player but rather a warning. I feel the Hawks simply felt that if they didn’t get him someone else would, and they didn’t want to see anyone else playing with their toy. Many will disagree but I have to say, take the L ATL.

Heat: Miami signed Goran Dragic to a five year 90 million dollar deal on Wednesday. Now this was a very good idea for a team like Miami who, with their lineup, is in the race for the trophy. Goran is a winner and wants to win now, so why not stay in a place with so much talent and experience in the subject. Do not be surprised to see the Heat in the race for the cup next year, and for that reason,  I’m taking my Sidthatkid stamp of approval to South Beach.


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