All Headcase Starting Five

This is my list of the best/most talented players who’s talents were noticed in the league, but hindered by their often troublesome and sometimes volatile attitudes.

Point Guard: Running the point for this very skilled squad, I’m bringing my boy Agent Zero out of the rubble. Before his career took a speedy dip into the depths of obscurity, Gilbert Arenas was a three time All-Star with the Wizards and at the peak of his career, the Agent averaged a staggering 29.3 points a game. If it wasn’t for his issues with his health, the law, and his teammates, Arenas could have been a bona-fide hall of fame guard. Arenas averaged 20 points, six assists, and about two steals throughout his flashy career.

Shooting Guard: Now this one is a bit controversial, but I believe that there is no better guy to have at the two than the man, the myth, the legend, Vernon Maxwell. Now Mad Max’s career averages may not be as glamorous as others on this list, 12.8 points and about 4 assists, but his uncanny ability to score at will would surely help this team to win games. Maxwell’s superior speed and massive heart is exactly what this team would need, and also a large part of the reason he is among only seven NBA players to ever score 30 in a quarter. If only Mad Max had better control over his pride, he would have most definitely been remembered as one of the greatest rockets to play.

Small Forward: Not much needs to be said about this guy, as his numbers truly speak for themselves. Latrell Sprewell, otherwise known as “Spree,” is in my opinion one of the best all around players ever to grace the hardwood. His ability to not only lockdown on the perimeter or inside, but also to score from anywhere, rebound, and set up his teammates is a talent surpassed by only a select few. If Sprewell was to only work on his anger issues earlier in his career, I can’t see why he couldn’t have been in the conversation for top 20 small forwards of all time. Even so, Spree managed to average a consistent 18 points, four rebounds, and four assists a game throughout his somewhat murky NBA career.

Power Forward: This one was a pretty easy decision just based off of all he did for his team, at least on the defensive side. Dennis Rodman is most definitely in the conversation for best undersized players of all time, but also one of the best defenders of all time. In every season after his rookie year, Rodman never averaged under eight rebounds per game despite being only 6ft 7in and only around 220 pounds, very undersized for the power-forward position. Now Rodman’s career is probably still HOF worthy unlike the others on this list, but it is also tarnished by his often head-scratching decisions and unconventional relationships.

Center: Andrew Bynum is the guy in the middle for this squad, and for good reason too. Even though Bynum’s statistics were never out of this world, in his All-Star campaign of 2012, Bynum showed that he had the ability to bang with the best of them down low. He averaged about 19 points and almost 12 rebounds that 2012 season, before he eventually left for the  Cavs that summer. Bynum is still a free agent, but I unfortunately suspect that the time has passed for this 27 year old seven-footer to play meaningful basketball again. Bynum’s career averages were about 12 points, eight boards, and one block.

Bench: Glen Rice, Larry Sanders, Stephon Marbury, Steve Francis, and Ron Artest.


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