All Injury Starting Five

Starting PG, “Pistol” Pete Maravich: Now if you don’t know about this man, you should probably question why you’re even on my page. The “Pistol” was and is, in my opinion, the best college player ever to grace the hardwood. His erratic style of play and revolutionary ball-handling changed the way people not only saw players, but the game of basketball itself. Throughout college, Maravich averaged 44.2 points per game and brought back a dying basketball program at LSU. Maravich’s pro days were stellar as well, as he averaged 24 points about six assists and four boards. Maravich’s time in the league was cut short due to knee injuries, but what he did for the game will never be forgotten.

Starting SG, Brandon Roy: Roy was known as one of the best clutch shooters to ever play, and if not for his chronic knee problems, perhaps one of the best scorers of all time as well. Roy was a quiet and humble player who knew what role he was playing and just how to play it. He was a star when he needed to be but also knew when to fall back and let his teammates ball, for lack of a better word. At the peak of his career, Roy was averaging 22 points and a very nice five assists, the true definition of a great team player. Had the degeneration of his knees not occurred, Roy may very well still be showcasing his ability in the league.

Starting SF, Grant Hill: Now this one is especially painful as it is a bit more recent than the others. G-Money has drawn countless comparisons to the likes of LeBron and other super athletic NBA stars, but in my opinion, I feel he could have been just as good if not better. Hill came into the league with an already deadly jump shot and the ability to drive the lane, something not all rookies can boast. At his peak in Detroit, Hill was averaging a shocking 25 points, six rebounds, and around 5 assists. Hill was a force on the court who could do it all at a very high level who had his career robbed by countless bouts with ankle injuries. With Grant Hill, all you can really say is what if…

Starting PF, Terry Cummings: Cumming’s statistics really speak for themselves, averaging 24 points about 11 boards and almost two steals, which is why I won’t say much here. Sustaining a horrible knee injury in a summer pickup game, Cummings game was truly hurt and never returned to its previous form. Cummings will still be remembered as a all time great power-forward for what he did in his long stint in the Association.

Starting C, Bill Walton: Now some of you may be surprised by this one, you might be thinking how was Billy Walton’s career hurt if he’s a two time champ and former MVP. Well that’s exactly why I’m here to tell you. I made this list to write about players who were great players who could have been even better had injury not taken its toll on their careers. So, when I put Bill Walton on this list, I am simply thinking back to all the time’s Walton was considered a Wilt Chamberlain with a bit more skill. Walton could really do it all, and at his absolute best he was averaging 19 points and a hefty 13 rebounds. But without those injuries, Walton could have very well been looked at as the most dominant big man ever to play.

Bench: Bernard King, Derrick Rose, Penny Hardaway, Chris Webber, Greg Oden.


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