Countdown to NBA Opening Day: All time 76ers Squad

To provide you guys with some entertainment until the first tip off of the season in 30 days, I will be doing an all time team series of some of the best teams and their all time lineups. The teams will consist of a starting five and a sixth man based on their NBA careers and a bit of bias from myself. Hope you enjoy!

The Philadelphia 76ers boasts some of the greatest players this league has ever seen as three on this list are on the top 50 team. From Charles Barkley to the elite Allen Iverson, Philly has most definitely had some exceptional skill throughout all eras. Lets hope I do this fine organization justice.

PG: At the point, I’m putting Maurice Cheeks here to run the offense. Most people would expect me to drop AI here, but he was technically a shooting guard, so you will see him a bit later. Cheeks was never much of a scorer, only averaging 11 points throughout his career, but he was a great thief in the backcourt and would consistently steal the ball about twice a game. philadelphia-76ers

SG: The “Answer” to this spot is a simple one, none other than the amazing Allen Iverson. Iverson is considered by many to be the best pound for pound player to ever play the game; and while I will not say he’s the best, I will say that he is one of the most prolific scorers I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. Averaging a career 26 points and six assists is no small feat when you’re barely six feet and 160 pounds. Without a doubt, AI will forever be remembered as not only a phenomenal player on and off the court, but as one of the greatest Sixers to ever play.

SF: The small-forward spot is an easy one to fill for this team as well; I mean who better to man this position than the Doctor himself. Dr. Julius Erving was one of the games first high-flying heroes with a vast array of in air moves, like his famous scoop shot and reverse layups. The Dr. did more for the game than most, and his contributions and loyalty to the Philadelphia organization will not be soon forgotten. Erving averaged a cool 23 points and about seven rebounds throughout his career.

PF: There is a lot that can be said about this guy, he has a big mouth, he’s belligerent and foolish, but regardless of what you have to say about him everyone who knows basketball knows how big Chuck’s game was. The guy was big, not in stature as he was barely 6′ 5″, but in pretty much every other category. Charles Barkley made his way into the league as a 300 pound rebounding machine and eventually sculpted not only his body, but his game into what would be known as a HOF career filled with glory and misery. Sir Charles averaged 22 points and over 11 rebounds throughout his illustrious career, and will be remembered as one of the greatest players and Sixers to grace the hardwood.

C: I like to think the man in the middle has to have a few crucial qualities: toughness, heart, and some serious skill. This guy had all three of these in spades. Moses Malone passed this year, but his contributions to the game of basketball and to the Philadelphia 76ers organization will never be forgotten, I can assure you of that. Moses was a man amongst boys within his first few years in the league, and when he came to the 76ers in 82′, he came with the promise of bringing the city a championship and some emphatic play. He came through on both promises as he became the only player to win the MVP award on two different teams consecutively, and by bringing Philly the trophy and lots of glory. Malone averaged 20 points and a staggering 12 rebounds throughout his long stint in the Association. Rest Peacefully Moses Malone.

Sixth Man: The Sixers have many players worthy of this spot, so I’ll just have to name a few. Andrew Toney was a skilled scorer, while Bobby Jones was a defensive specialist, and the late great Darryl Dawkins did it on both side of the ball. Shout out to Aaron McKie as well, and of course Dikembe Mutmbo.


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