Countdown to NBA Opening Day: All Time Bulls Squad

The proud Chicago Bulls organization has had without a doubt some of the best ballers to ever play. From the explosive yet injury-prone Derrick Rose, to perhaps the greatest of all time Michael Jordan, the Bulls are easily one of the most talented franchises in history. Lets get this started.

PG: I feel like this choice was a bit obvious, as the Bulls have never been exceptional at the point guard position, that is until this guy came along. Derrick Rose stormed into the league averaging a nice 17 points and six assists, earning the ROY award in an exceptionally talented draft class. But D-Roses’ success did not stop there, as he followed up the next season increasing his scoring average by four points. And the guy still wasn’t done, in only his third year in the league Rose took home the MVP trophy at the tender age of 22, raising him into an elite class of rising and esteemed NBA stars. Unfortunately, the year after his MVP campaign, Rose tore his ACL in a playoff game and has not truly been the same since. Only 26 years of age, we all hope that Derrick can one day return to his MVP form and reclaim elusive glory once more.

SG: Truthfully, there is not much to be said about this one, he is often referred to as the games savior, his greatness, and has even called himself “Black Jesus,” according to fellow hall of famer Reggie Miller. Yes, I’m quite obviously talking about the jump- man himself, Michael Jeffery Jordan. Jordan is opsb-nba-chicagobullsften looked at as the best baller of all time, and his stats certainly back that claim up. Over an illustrious and record shattering 14 year career, Jordan managed to win the MVP award five times, the Larry O’Brian trophy six times, and is one of only three shooting guards to ever win the DPOY award. Jordan is without a doubt in my mind one of the top three to ever play the game regardless of position, and is definitely the greatest Bull to ever play. Jordan averaged 30 points, six rebounds, and five assists in his playing days.

SF: Some call him the best sidekick the leagues ever seen, the ultimate Robin to the phenomenal Batman, but I think he deserves a bit more credit than that. Scottie Pippen was one of the leagues earliest do-it-all players, the guy was the prototype point-forward before LBJ came along, he was long and could run like a deer. Oh yeah, Pippen had all of the tools to be an all time great, and he utilized every last one of them. In his prime days in Chicago as Jordan’s right hand man, Pippen was a sight to see, much more than just a sidekick as he could do things not even the head honcho could accomplish. Pippen is also a six time world champ, a seven time All-Star, and was voted to the all defensive first team eight times. Although Pippen will be remembered as Mike’s second in command, I refuse to let it diminish his greatness as a player and as a Chicago Bull. Pippen averaged 16 points, six boards, and five assists in his 17 year career.

PF: Say what you want about this guy, but regardless of his antics off of the hardwood, he will go down as one of the leagues greatest defenders and possibly it’s best rebounder. Big Dennis Rodman was in actuality only 6’7″, one of the leagues first undersized big men, but you would think the guy was seven feet by the way he played. Rodman was a monster on the glass, averaging 13 throughout his career playing against guys usually two to four inches taller than him. In his Chicago days, Rodman brought joy to the city standing with Jordan and Pippen as they ran the league for a dominant three year stretch. Rodman was never a huge offensive threat, only averaging seven points throughout his career, but his energetic play and emphatic rebounding will never be forgotten, especially by the loyal fans of Chicago.

C: Now this last guy might be considered a controversial pick, but after all, this my list of the all time Bulls squad right? So whether everyone agrees or not, let me hear it because feedback is great. Anyways, I’m throwing my guy Joakim Noah here on the list because I genuinely feel he deserves it. This 6’11” DPOY is not only one of the leagues best defenders, but also one of its best big man passers averaging an impressive three over his career, a good number for the center position. I feel that Noah, now in his prime, needs to make a move and have a stellar year to further solidify his place in Chicago’s hard nose play history. Jo-No  is averaging ten points, ten boards, and a block to go along with his three assists over his career.

Sixth Man: The Bulls have a solid five guys really worthy of this spot: The low-post scoring machine Elton Brand, the paint-protecting Artis Gilmore, the shooting wizard with a wet stroke Ben Gordon, rising star Jimmy Butler, and an underrated NBA legend in Toni Kukoc.


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