Countdown to NBA Opening Day: All Time Cavs Squad

The Cleveland Cavaliers have always been a pretty small market team, yet despite this fact, they still have had some of the most talented players to star on their team. Most only think of LeBron or Kyrie when the name Cleveland Cavs are brought up, but in reality, the ‘Land has had a lot more talent than just these two modern day stars. I have the feeling I’m about to enlighten a few readers.

PG: Regardless of what the popular opinion is, this decision was extremely hard to make. I am giving the job to the young stud Kyrie Irving, but with a sharp nod to the pick and roll great Mark Price. Kyrie Irving has quickly grown into a superstar in this league, the three time All Star and ROY has shown an uncanny ability to shoot the ball, and has an elite array of dribble moves. If Kyrie can stay healthy for a full season, while simultaneously keeping up his scoring average and perhaps increasing his assist numbers, he will no doubt one day be a potential MVP candidate. Kyrie’s career averages are 20 points, five assists, and almost two steals.

SG: Manning the two spot, I have the underrated scorer Austin Carr. Carr’s prime was in the 70’s, so my personal knowledge of him is limited, although looking at his statistics specifically with Cleveland, i have a pretty good idea of what this guy could do. Carr’s scoring ability was simply phenomenal, in his 74-75 season with Cleveland, Carr averaged over 21 points and about four assists. The guy was a machine who helped his team win games, brought life to Cleveland, and hasOld-Cleveland-Cavaliers-Logo-1080x1920 his number retired by the franchise. Carr’s career averages are 16 points a game, and around three assists and rebounds.

SF: Easily one of the top three basketball players in history, one of the worlds best athletes, and an all around good guy; you know who I’m talking about. LeBron is a four time MVP, an eleven time All Star, a nine time All NBA first teamer, and a two time champion. The scariest part about it is that the guy is only now in his prime; a native to the Ohio area, LeBron was exactly what the ‘Land needed when they drafted him first in 2003. He has been a focal point in the league since his arrival, and has brought a true sense of competitiveness and hope to everyone in Cleveland. LBJ is already one of the greatest ever, his only goal now is to finish out his career on top and win a few more rings. LeBron’s career averages are 27 points and both seven rebounds and assists.

PF: The Cavs haven’t seen much strength at this position throughout the years, fortunately now they have two promising forwards in Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. Unfortunately for them, neither of these guys are getting the starting job here. Here we go Larry Nance. Larry Nance started his career with the Suns, but ended it in a bang with Cleveland. The high flying three time All Star, dunk contest champ, and NBA Al-D first teamer, Nance was and still is an underrated star. The guy was an all around force who was one of the first PF’s that could stroke it from anywhere other than the paint. In his time with teammate’s Mark Price and Brad Daugherty, Nance brought the Cleveland area hope and consistent play every night. His career averages are 17 points, eight boards, and two monstrous blocks.

C: This is another underrated star to creep on this list, as Brad Daugherty was exactly that in a short yet sweet NBA career. Playing only nine years in the league, all with the Cavs, this Tar heel alum was a phenomenal scorer at the center position, who could step outside and shoot the J or bang down low with the best of them. Daugherty was no slouch on the glass either, as he averaged over nine boards throughout his career. A five time All Star, Daugherty was great player and early star with the Cavs, who eventually repaid him by hanging his classic number 43 in the rafters. Big bad Brad’s career averages are 19 points, almost ten boards, and a very nice three assists.

Sixth Man: The Cavs sixth men are: the sparkplug scorer and reliable playmaker Mo Williams, the early pick and roll point god Mark Price, foreign hero Zydrunus Ilgauskas, and unfortunate defender Craig Ehlo.


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