NYPL Live Sitdown: Shaquille O’Neal

Recently, through the New York Public Library, I had the great pleasure to shake hands with and meet Shaquille O’Neal. Since I can remember, Shaq has always been a hero to me. What he could do on the court waSHAQ-2000s amazing, as his career averages of 24 points, ten boards, and over two blocks shot him into the conversation of one of the dominant players ever to ball. Although, what I loved most about Shaq was the fact that he is human. Not perfect, very approachable, and most definitely hilarious. As of Monday, the only thing I can say about the “Diesel,” is that I underestimated him and the person he is. Listening to O’Neal speak for almost two hours allowed me to realize his genuine honesty, legitimate kindness, and honorable wisdom. The big guy is an accomplished NBA superstar, a college graduate, a doctor, a dad, and an aspiring sheriff; the guy said a lot, but what I’ll take away from this meeting most, is to always be kind to those when possible. If you’re reading this Shaq, thanks and stay breezy.


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