Countdown to NBA Opening Day: All Time Celtics Squad

The Celtics, like the Lakers and the Bulls, are considered NBA royalty. And for good reason too, as these franchises are the leading three with the most ring-bling. Although, one rises above the rest, one has a leg up on all the others, and this one I speak of is no other than the big green Boston Celtics. The road to a championship is no easy stroll, but having some of the all time basketball greats doesn’t hurt the cause.

PG: I have the feeling I may once again shock the modern day basketball fan with this decision, but it is my blog right? For that simple reason, I am giving the starting point guard spot to the early ball handling great, Bob Cousy. Cousy was simply phenomenal, though he played in the 50’s-70’s, I have seen enough a few of his mix-tapes to understand the guy was a magician with the ball. Although Cousy didn’t just handle the rock, as his career averages of 18 points, seven and a half assists, and over five rebounds, shows that he was adept in doing it all. It doesn’t hurt that the guy was an MVP, a six time champion, and a 13 time All Star; Bob Cousy, number 14, will forever remain number one in Boston basketball fans hearts.

SG: Practically every position on this all time team has potential for debates and disagreement, boston-celtics-logoso I’m just gonna go with each choice I make and stand by it. That being said, Ray Allen please stand up and join this all time roster. All of you old timers reading this might be scratching your heads thinking, “How the heck is this kid not putting Sam the microwave Jones at the two spot?” and to you old folks I say, scroll up a bit and look at who’s name is on the top of the page. Now, with that out of the way, let me delve into the glorious career of one of the games top five shooters of all time. Ray Allen has played many different roles on a select few teams, but one thing that has never left him is his shocking ability to rain in shots from anywhere on the floor. Flat out the guys just a shooter, he’s automatic, heck even call him wet if that’s what you’re into. The fact that he’s a two time champ, a U.S. gold medalist, and a ten time All Star, doesn’t hurt Ray’s case either. Yes Ray has been predominantly just a scorer for most of his career, 19 points per game, but he has also been a premier clutch player and just a great competitor. I believe that counts for a lot.

SF: Regardless of what anyone says, I found this decision to be quite easy. The name Larry Bird carry’s it’s own weight throughout the basketball world, so I feel explanation here can be quite limited. One of the games greatest winners in basketball  history, three time champ and MVP, Larry Bird was hailed as the games savior years before Jordan. One of the games most prolific scorers, averaged 24 PPG throughout career, Kobe watched him. Rumored that he invented trash talk, even KG wouldn’t want to start anything with this guy. Larry Bird is to Boston and the Celtic Organization exactly what his name entails, a Legend.

PF: You might know him as the Rocket’s head coach, heck so do I, but before that Kevin McHale was on the sidelines, he was balling next to Larry Bird and the Chief. Kevin McHale may be the leagues most underrated players of all time, simply for the fact rarely no one save Charles Barkley ever even mentions his name. Barkley has said on many different occasions that McHale was the hardest opponent to play against, and looking back on Kevin’s numbers, that’s not a hard sentiment to believe. McHale averaged 18 points, seven boards, and shot over 55 percent throughout his career; the guy was a machine in the paint. He is also a three time champion, seven time All Star, and one of the only players to get the Sixth Man of the Year award twice. Oh yeah, McHale is definitely more than just James Harden’s coach.

C: Last but certainly not least, we have the winningest player in all of sports history, none other than the great Bill Russell. Get this, Russell played 13 years in the NBA, 11 out of those 13 years he won the Larry O’Brien trophy, five of those years he won the MVP, and 12 of those years he was an All Star. When you talk about basketball, the Boston Celtics, or even a friend named Bill, this guy has to come to mind. On his way to winning, Russell managed to average 15 points, 22 rebounds, and almost five assists per game. Russell is easily in the top ten to ever play, and very possibly the best Celtic to ever suit up in that famous Irish Green.

Sixth Man: With a franchise this elite, you know I’m gonna have a few sixth men: The deadeye from anywhere Sam Jones, the shot blocking beast Robert “Chief” Parish, the offensive juggernaut Paul Pierce, the passing genius Rajon Rondo, and the underrated late-great guard in Dennis Johnson.


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