Question of The Week

Throughout the season, I will be proposing a question regarding some hot button topics circulating in the Association. As the first question of this series, I’m curious to know what will occur first; will the phenomenal Golden State Warriors get their first L before the struggling 76ers find their first win?

GSW: The Warriors have rocketed out to a nearly record setting start, as the last team to start the season with a 14-0 record was the 2002-03 Dallas Mavericks. The 12-0 start Golden State has is already extremely impressive, but if they could stretch this out to 15, and I know it will be difficult, that would be astounding. Fittingly, its the formidable rival Clippers that stand in the way of the Warriors bursting into the record books. Lets sit back and watch what should be a great show unfold.

Philadelphia 76ers: The Sixers have been in a rebuild for about four years now, and they still seem to be picking up the pieces. The Sixers have some serious young talent on the team right now, and I have no doubt that they will develop in time, but how long will the Philly fans stand for that. Okafor looks great leading this team in more than just statistics (19 points, eight rebounds, and an assist), as he has shown that he can be an anchor on both sides of the ball while also being capable of getting the team into a flow. Yet at 0-12, none of this is translating, and that’s where one must begin to fear. With solid production from all of the starters and a star center, you have to wonder when the Sixers will get their first win in an increasingly difficult Eastern Conference. Will it be tomorrow night versus the Hornets, I sure hope so…



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