Question of The Week

Back for another Question of the Week, I think this one is a real head scratcher. Both the East and West can boast some spectacular players, but I think its safe to say that this has truly become a guard dominated league in both conferences. That’s why I’m asking you guys, who among these ten beasts do you dub the best backcourt in the Association?

The Suns: Phoenix’s record may not be the best in the league, 7-7, but their backcourt tandem of the scrappy Eric Bledsoe and skillful Brandon Knight is looking great thus far. Bledsoe is a 6’2″ floor general with a knack for getting to the paint, and converting his shots with force once there. Bledsoe is having a career year in scEric-Bledsoe-and-Brandon-Knight-2oring at 23 points per game, along with four boards and nearly six assists. While his counterpart Brandon Knight is no slouch either. Knight is a skilled shooter who has really grown into more than just a player you see on dunk highlights and mix tapes. Averaging a career high in almost every major category (21 PPG, five ASTs, and four REBS), I think Knight is going to have a spectacular year in the backcourt with Bledsoe.

The Raptors: The new uniforms aren’t the only improved aspect about Toronto, as the Raptors one and two are playing excellent to this point. A slimmed down Kyle Lowry is playing great basketball at the point guard spot, and has led the Raptors to an early 9-6 start. He’s averaging a cool 20 points (career high), along with nearly seven assists and four boards. While his partner in crime, DeMar DeRozan, is also playing extremely well early in the year. DeRozan is averaging 21 points, four assists, and five rebounds, not to mention the usual monster dunk he pulls out almost every game. In the Eastern conference, I think that this backcourt is going to cause some major issues.

The Warriors: You can’t really have a list on the league’s best backcourt without these guys, heck they even have a nickname. Oh yeah, the Splash Bros have been tearing it up this year, breaking the NBA record for best start to a season at 16-0. Reigning MVP Stephen Curry is simply en fuego, averaging 32 points, six assists, and a solid five rebounds. Curry’s shooting strostephXklayke is on point, and the way he’s playing, I don’t know when the Dubs will lose their first game. Klay Thompson’s been a bit colder thus far, averaging a career low 16 points, along with four rebounds and about two assists. Despite Thompson’s play, the Warriors are winning, and this backcourt is still a serious force to be reckoned with.

The Wizards: In the past, John Wall and Bradley Beal called themselves the Associations best one-two combo, and their play most definitely gives them a fair case. Sitting at 6-5, the Wizard’s record isn’t stellar, but the play of Beal and Wall is encouraging to say the least. Wall is averaging a consistent 17 points, eight assists, and three rebounds. While Beal, the two guard, is having a career year scoring year (20 PPG), while pulling down nearly five rebounds and collecting two assists per game. This backcourt is strong, and will no doubt get better this year, and in years to come.

The Bulls: Though they may be a more low-key combo, Chicago’s backcourt duo of Jimmy Butler and former MVP Derrick Rose are still a force in the Eastern Conference. Derrick Rose has obviously had his fair share of issues in the past few years, but he is still a quality starting PG in this league, and his numbers back this up. Rose is averaging 14 points, six assists, and three rebounds and is looking aggressive on both ends of the ball. Rose’s counterpart, Jimmy Butler, is playing some great basketball of late. Jimmy Buckets is averaging a nice 21 points, five rebounds, and three assists; Butler is becoming a leader on this Bulls team, and his consistent play has to be encouraging for one of the only teams in the East strong enough to go to battle with LeBron and the Cavaliers.



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