Black Mamba Says Goodbye

Five time champion, 17 time All-Star, Slam Dunk Champion, MVP, Mamba; these are a few terms you could use to describe the champion that is Kobe Bean Bryant. Kobe came into this league as a young and excited guard with extreme amounts of talent, he further honed into exceptional skill and grace. In the late 90’s-2000’s, Kobe emerged as a star when his consistent play and clutch shooting helped lead the Lakers to three consecutive titles. After star center Shaquille O’Neal’s departure in 2004,  Bryant showed the league that he was no sidekick, becoming the scoring champ for two straight years, and the leagues most valuable player in 2008. Yet the Mamba was nowhere near finished, as he showed the league he was still an elite player when he led a young and scrappy Laker team to back to back championships in 2009 and 2010. As age catches up to this legend and injuries take a toll, Bryant’s star has finally begun to fade. Although I remain confident that Kobe will remain involved in the game of basketball, and am sure he will never be forgotten by it or any of basketballs spectators.

Legends will never be forgotten, thanks Kobe.




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