The Road to Redemption: Rajon Rondo, Rising King

The Rise: Rajon Rondo came into this league as a highly toted Kentucky guard with skill for days; and for the most part, Rondo lived up to the hype. A young guy on a team full of esteemed vets, Rondo showed his playing ability and composure when he helped lead the Boston Celtics to a Championship in 2008. It looked like Rondo was finally settling into the Association as he averaged a double-double for the next five years, until it all came crashing down in the ’14-’15 season.

The Fall: The Celtics were in a full rebuild at this point, 2015,  and GM Danny Ainge no longer saw the passing wizard as a cornerstone to the team. Rondo was eventually shipped to the Dallas Mavericks fitted for an opportunity to lead a talented team deep into the Western conference playoffs. As we all know, this ended in disaster as Rondo and Maverick’s head coach Rick Carlisle never really connected. Rondo’s stint in Dallas further stained his already hurting reputation as a hot-head, and many of us soon found ourselves writing Rondo off as a has been and soon to be journeyman. Thankfully, we were wrong.

The Reemergence: As Rondo made his way to a struggling Sacramento Kings team, none of us expected to see the vintage Rajon Rondo reborn. But that is exactly what we got. With the starting job and the green light from coach Karl, Rondo simply got back to his roots and began balling once more. Averaging 12 points , a slick 11 assists, and a strong seven rebounds, I think it is fair to say that Rajon Rondo is on his way back to becoming a beastly floor general. If you’re still not sure about Rondo’s game, just remember he has four triple doubles, and is back to slinging sick passes like thisrondo

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