Question of The Week: The League’s Best Big Man

The Association hosts a wide array of excellent players. Some of the NBA’s brightest stars are little guys, but that doesn’t mean the big guys aren’t worthy of a little shine too. The center position is by no means the most glamorous of the five, but perhaps the most important. Which of these three guys is the NBA’s best center right now?

Demarcus boogieCousins, Sacramento Kings: Say what you want about Boogie Cousins, so long as you aren’t saying the guy can’t ball. Cousins, simply put, is a beast at the five position. He is an adept post up player, a skilled outside shooter (31.3 % from three), and a big body who can lay down nasty dunks with ease. Cousins has made a full transformation in the last three years from a talented player with issues, to a risen superstar with boundless potential. Averaging 25 points, ten rebounds, a block, and three assists, Cousins has a strong argument for that top center spot.

Brook Lopez, Brooklyn Nets: Now this one might surprise a few of you, and if that is the case, check this giant’s stats. Lopez has always been one of those players that has always had the skill to be great, but has never quite put it all together. It looks like Brook is finally finding his way this season; averaging career high 2.3 blocks, 20.3 points, and eight rebounds. With Joe Johnson’s inconsistent play, the burden of leading this team to wins has fallen almost completely on Brook’s shoulders, a fact that iBrook Lopezs outlined in his lower efficiency ratings (.484 shooting efficiency). Yet in a weak Eastern Conference filled with Brooklyn fans, it’s possible this big man is rewarded for his strong play with an All Star appearance.


Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons:  Its hard to decide which has been more of a surprise, the Pistons 12-11 start or the play of their center Andre Drummond. Perhaps the leagues most physically dominating player, Andre Drummond is finally using his natural gifts for an edge in this competitive league. Averaging 18 points (career high), 16 rebounds (career & league high), a block, and two steals (career high), it is fair to say Drummond is feasting! His ability to back down anyone, hit hook shots with consistency (.528 shooting efficiency), and elevate above the rim at 6’11” 280 lbs., inevitably remind fans of Shaquille O’Neal on the Magic. At this point in the season, Drummond should be an All Star lock, but is he the League’s best Center?

You guys decide, and let me know




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