Question of the Week: Deserving First Time All Stars

An All-Star game appearance is a great thing for a player. It shows them their play is not only being acknowledged, but appreciated by fans and coaches around the Association. It is as much a morale boost as a pat on the back for some stellar play, and for those who don’t get the invite, a slap in the face. As the All-Star game approaches and the votes get tallied, who out of these three do you guys think will finally receive their long awaited votes?

Isaiah Thomas, Boston Celtics: When he came into this league as the last pick in the 2011 draft, no one ever thought Isaiah Thomas would be doing what he’s doing right now. At only 5’9″, Thomas brings the idea of big things in small packages to a new level. Averaging 21 points, six assists, and three rebounds (all career highs) and shooting a clean 42 % from the floor, it is safe to say this “little” guy is feasting. Leading the beat up Celtics to a 14-12 record is no small feat either, especially when you consider their schedule (tenth hardest in the league right now). In a less stacked Eastern Conference, no one should be surprised if Thomas is in Toronto balling with the best come February. Plus, who doesn’t want to see some of this!

Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors: Regardless of any personal opinions about this player, Draymond Green is easily one of the leagues best all around players. Within a span of three years of hard work, Green has developed efficiently on offense while simultaneously honing his defensive skills to an exceptional level. A crucial player for the Warriors in last years Finals, Green’s confidence is at an all time high, and his stats certainly reflect that. Averaging 14 points, seven assists, nine rebounds, (All career highs) and a steal and a block, Green is the prototypical All-around-Star. With play like this, so long as he maintains it, and his teams record, Green should be a lock for Toronto.

Eric Bledsoe, Phoenix Suns: The Sun’s backcourt duo is great, but its really this guys intensity and consistent fight that gives them an edge. Since joining Phoenix in 2013, Eric Bledsoe has been on a steady trajectory upwards in this Association, just check his numbers. His first three years in the NBA, Bledsoe didn’t crack ten points, since joining the Suns and getting out of CP3’s shadow Bledsoe is now averaging 21 points. He also contributes nearly seven assists, four rebounds, and two steals a game; not to mention one of these ferocious plays. Sitting on an 11-16 record this season, if Bledsoe can help improve his teams record and keep up his stellar play, there is no reason this guy shouldn’t be a first time All-Star and balling with fellow Kentucky lover Drake in the Six.





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