Effect of Injury Returns

The past three weeks in the NBA have been stamped with a lot of new news, All-Star polls, and players coming back from injuries. And while those other two things are important and will be eventually addressed, I want to bring the last one to your attention. Two key guards have just come off of injury within the past few weeks; my question is, who will effect their team at a greater capacity? Let me know which one you think.

Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving is one of the leagues best point guards, a fact he displayed with ease last year. Averaging 21 points, five assists, and nearly two steals last year, it is safe to say Kyrie was feasting. But when he went down with a fractured left knee cap in the finals, some questioned Uncle Drew’s injury prone body and ability to come back. In his seven games back, Irving has not disappointed, averaging a solid 17 PPG, four assists, and three rebounds. Even more important, Irving has come back at a perfect time where he can get comfortable before the games start really mattering. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s on the best team in the East with two of the league’s best ballers. In what way do you think Kyrie’s return will influence the Cavs?

Brandon Jennings, Detroit Pistons: One of the leagues streakiest shooters and most exciting scorers, my opinion, Brandon Jennings can simply play. At his peak in Milwaukee, Jennings was averaging 19 points, five assists, and almost two steals; not to mention being a guy who could go off for random 40 point nights. Even when he made his move to Detroit, it seemed Jennings was finally finding his way. This just made his unfortunate Achilles injury last year that much harder to see. Luckily, Jennings is back and showing flares of his skillful ability. Making plays like this, and putting up some solid efforts in team wins off the bench (17 points and six assists), BJ may be on his way back to high level guard play. My only concern, is will the emergence of Reggie Jackson as Detroit’s starting point guard affect Jennings role as a Piston? If so, do you think he’s on the move?  kyrie



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