Question of The Week: Does Kristaps Porzingis Deserve to be an All-Star

As the All-Star voting comes to a close and the votes are tallied, I would like to ask one question. Does the overnight sensation Knicks power-forward by the name of Kristaps Porzingis, otherwise known as Porzingod, deserve the All-Star game nod? With the latest return as of two days ago, Porzingis is sitting at seventh place in the Eastern conference front court voting. But considering his placement on the Knicks and the sometimes illogical support of NY sports fans, Porzingis has a legitimate chance of becoming an All-Star. Do you think the “Three-Six Latvia” Star deserves a push in votes, or to just sit his rookie year out of the All-Star game festivities?

All-Star Porzingis? When the Knicks drafted Porzingis this past summer, most casual fans were not pleased with the pick. Porzingis looked nothing like the average fourth overall pick in the NBA draft. Well that’s also what most said about Dirk Nowitzki, and look at him now. But I digress. The young Knicks fan who burst into tears after he was drafted best summarized Porzingis’s less than dazzling draft night. Yet all of this makes the rise of the Zinger and the growth of the Knicks all the more sweet. Early in the season, Porzingis was shocking the league and the skeptical media with his mature game and polished moves. November was the height of the Porzingis hype as he enjoyed his best stretch of games averaging 14 points, ten rebounds, and a physical three blocks per game. But is Porzingis just that, a classic case of an overly hyped up player early in his career? He can be inconsistent at times, overly focused on scoring, and occasionally gets into foul trouble. Many will debate if he’s even the Associations best rookie when players like Karl-Anthony Towns, of the Minnesota Timberwolves, are playing just as good if not better than Porzingis. Still, Porzingis has helped lead a mediocre Knicks team to a solid 20-22 record; and his growing chemistry with star SF Carmelo Anthony doesn’t hurt his voting chances either. Should Porzingis be an All-Star selection and get to showcase some of this on Sunday night? Or should he sit out of the fun this year and rest up for the second half of the season? Let me know what you think.

Fun Fact: The infamous cry kid shown on draft night now owns a Porzingis Jersey


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