Bye-Bye Blatt

Between winning the Eastern Conference, making it to the NBA finals, and leading the East this year, second year coach David Blatt’s firing may have shocked many. But after a closer look, was this decision such a shocker? And better yet, did the Cavs make the right choice for the team?

Changing Cleveland: When David Blatt came overseas after getting the job as head coach of the weak yet promising Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014, few thought he would make a difference in the ‘Land. Now that he is officially fired, many people are nodding their heads saying “called it”. Yet these exact people forget one critical fact; when Blatt inherited the Cavs in the summer of 2014, it was before LeBron announced he was heading home. This thrust Blatt into a complete spiral, forcing him to change his mentality from one prepared to inherit a young and inexperienced team, to one that could contend for a title right away. And contend they did. The Cavs went 53-29 on their way to winning the East and quieting Blatt critics, for some time. Over the 2014-15 season, LeBron and Blatt occasionally butted heads when it came to decision making. This difference of opinion hit its boiling point in last years Eastern Conference Semis when James “scratched” Blatts last second inbounds play and came up with his own; a play that evidently won the Cavs the game, and the put away the series. This play was a win for the Cavs and LeBron, but may have been the beginning of the end for Blatt. Rumors of a rift between Blatt and star PF Kevin Love surfaced this year, couple this with the fact that Blatt did not have complete control over the Cavs locker room, and you have a dire situation for a coach. Now the Cavs are sitting atop the East with not only a 30-12 record, but also a new first time head coach in Tyronn Lue. What does this change mean for Blatt? What does it mean for Cleveland? And was it the right move at this point in the season? Let me know what you think.

LBJ v. Blatt

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