Question of The Week: Who are the 5 best Point Guards in the NBA?


With the countdown to the 2016-’17 season officially beginning, I’m going to be taking some time ranking the top five players at each position. Starting with the guy who runs the show, here are my top five PG’s in the NBA in order.

  1. Russell Westbrook, OKC Thunder: This pick may come as a shock to some, but honestly, this wasn’t that difficult of a choice for me. Westbrook is simply the best player in the NBA at this positionScary Russ, in my honest opinion. Sure I could have gone with the easy answer of Steph Curry or even the elite floor general in Chris Paul, but when you’re averaging 23.5 points, ten assists, and eight rebounds as a point, this becomes a very easy choice. Many will say that Westbrook is a nut and can often be a detriment to a team with his erratic play and aggression, and while that is a valid argument, I firmly believe Westbrook’s good on the court outweighs the bad by a wide margin. Westbrook averaged 4.4 turnovers this past year.
  2. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors: If I’m being 100% real, I look at Stephen Curry as a shooting guard who plays the point, but because he does play the PG, I’m ranking him as so at number two. The reigning League MVP, Curry is easily one of the top five best players in the game today; with a shooting ability like none other we have ever seen, Curry is special. Coming off of a season where he averaged 30 points, 6.7 assists, and five boards with a 31.56 PER, Steph Curry showed out this year and is probably ranked at number one on many people’s list of the top PG’s. Having said that, this is my list and Curry will remain at two until the guy ahead of him slows down. Curry averaged 3.3 turnovers last season, but shot an amazing 45 % from three.
  3. Chris Paul, LA Clippers: Chris Paul has been the best floor general in the League for the past eight years, and I believe he is still the best leader on this list. With an uncanny ability to rally a team through verbal guidance or impressive play, Paul has time and time again shown why he deserves to lead whatever team he is on. Chris Paul averaged 19 points, ten assists, and four rebounds last year with anKyrie Finals efficiency rating of 26.31; excellent numbers. Unfortunately, Paul’s lack of ability to advance the Clippers deep into the postseason, while not entirely his fault, does hurt his ranking in my opinion. Paul averaged a very respectable 2.6 turnovers last season.
  4. Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavs: The hardest pick thus far, I had to go with Uncle Drew at number four. Irving is one of the best pure jump-shooters I’ve ever witnessed in my life, and while he didn’t have an elite year when it comes to statistics (19 points, three boards, and five assists) Irving was BIG when it mattered most. In his Finals run going head-to-head against elite defender Klay Thompson, Irving averaged 27 points and cashed one of the most electrifying shots in Finals history to secure a chip for Cleveland. A natural born leader with a frightening amount of skill at only 24, I can see Irving being top dog on this list one day.
  5. Damian Lillard, Portland Blazers: Lillard is a player of curiosity and skill; one of the least heralded players in the NBA, Lillard is the only player who can be an two time All-Star before having the best year of his young career. Averaging a beastly 25 points, a career high seven assists, four rebounds, with a PER of 22.25, and giving the Warriors a fight in the Western Semis, Lillard deserves much respect. I believe Damian Lillard haDame v Stephs another four years just like this one in him, and am excited to see what he can do in Rip City with an improved team. Lillard averaged 3.2 turnovers this past year.

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