Craig Sager: Remembering a Legend

The world was robbed of a great man this week. Craig Sager was a husband, a father, a good man, an excellent journalist, an inspiration to many, and a true legend in his field. Sager was a man who lived life as he worked, with an undying passion and a deep enthusiasm for everything he was involved in. As a young man, Sager covered sporting events as a reporter for a small station called WXLT, predominantly covering MLB games and small local sporting events. But where Sager will most be remembered is the time he spent covering NBA games on the sidelines as a member of Turner Sports. A born entertainer, Sager covered these basketball games with an astounding passion that was only rivaled by his equally shocking suits. Sager’s memorable halftime and post game interviews were always full of laughter and excitement, as everyone who came into contact with Sager enjoyed him and the energy he brought to work. In 2014, Sager was diagnosed with cancer, news that shocked and saddened the sports world. Yet Sager too attacked this diagnosis with his everlasting flare and fire, beating it into remission later on that year. Unfortunately, Sager’s cancer returned in March of 2016,this time, Sager was given three to six months to live. At the ESPY Awards Show in July of 2016, as he accepted the Jimmy V Perseverance Award, Sager pulled one of his signature moves in one of his signature suits, giving one of the most impassioned and meaningful speeches I have ever witnessed. Speaking on the importance of time and the value of persevering through obstacles, Sager’s spirited speech was one that encapsulated perfectly the type of man he was, a fighter. Unfortunately, Sager succumbed to his disease, passing away at 65 on December 15th, 2016. But if there is one thing I can guarantee, it is that Craig Sager will not soon be forgotten. Craig Sager will live on in the memory and the hearts of the many he has touched throughout his passionate life, because legends never die, and that is exactly what Sager was.

Thank you, and Rest Easy Craig Sager.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Chicago Bulls










Biographical Information via Wikipedia


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